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Tom Ellis Kessler


Ian Toynton

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October 29, 2001

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Jordan investigates the death of a Massachusetts Senator's daughter found stabbed in a park, apparently murdered by her boyfriend. Believing there is more to this case than the police's theory of love gone bad, Jordan reluctantly pairs up with an ethically challenged newspaper reporter, Adam Flynn, to further investigate the girl's death. Meanwhile, Garret wrestles with the issues surrounding a man's wish to be buried as an anatomically correct woman, while Bug and Trey face weighty religious issues and potentially explosive consequences when they attempt an autopsy on an obese Orthodox Jewish man.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Adam Flynn - Shawn Christian
  • Lauren Ryder - Sara Botsford
  • George Falk - Daniel Roebuck
  • Rabbi Joseph Wolk - Richard Fancy
  • Denny Logan/Denise - Vince Grant
  • Roy - J. David Krassner
  • Security Guard - David De Leon
  • Falk's Lawyer - Lisa Long
  • Jumpsuit - Dale E. Turner
  • Dr. Calvin Yarborough - John Posey
  • Tom Murch - Seamus Dever
  • Carol Logan - Amanda Carlin
  • Detective Lois Carver - Amy Aquino


Lily: "Dr. Macy, you're needed in the crypt. There's a bru-ha-ha."


Reporter: "The way I see it, you and I are on the same team here. The only difference is you’re looking for a cause of death and I’m looking for a by-line."
Jordan: "You keep following me you’ll be looking for a hospital."


Reporter: "Is that a smile you're trying to fight back?"
Jordan: "It's a facial tick."


Nigel: "Morning sunshine. Tox-screen with your coffee?" (handing Jordan a file)
Jordan: "She had all these drugs in her system?"
Nigel: "Zanax and Prozac and Valium, oh my."


Garret: "Is this a Jewish thing? Answering every question with a question?"


Garret: "Let me get this straight. Are you telling me he actually blew up?"
Lenny: "Oh, he blew up alright."
Nigel: "Like a hamster in a microwave."


Jordan: "What are you doing here?"
Reporter: "Thought we'd maybe go grab a drink. You know, celebrate."
Jordan: "There's not much to celebrate."
Reporter: "You mean meeting me wasn't the highlight of your week?"
Jordan: "Meeting you... now there's a reason to drink."