Blue Christmas

Episode Name:

Blue Christmas




Ian Biederman and Samantha Howard-Corbin


Donna Deitch

Broadcast Date:

December 10, 2001

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When a veteran cop is murdered in the line of duty, Jordan leads the police and vengeful Detective Eddie Winslow -- Max's former partner -- to a possible suspect. But after the shooter dies in police custody, Garret must launch a coroner's investigation to see if Detective Winslow went too far while making the arrest. Also, Garret opts to forgo his annual Christmas feast with his ex-wife, Maggie and join Lily for a Thai dining experience, angering his daughter, Abby, while Trey worries if Nigel's invitation for a weekend on the ski slopes also includes a slalom under the sheets.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Jimm Keller - Christopher Curry
  • Officer John Hardwick - Scott Michael Campbell
  • Lt. Eddie Winslow - D.W. Moffett
  • Annie Cartwright - Cathryn de Prume
  • Rudy Coombs - Charles Singleton Jr.
  • Dr. Young - Matthew Yank King
  • Uniformed Officer - Richard Augustine
  • Uniformed Cop - Thomas Christian Collins
  • Kim Watkins - Kristen Wilson


Garret: "Where's Abby?"
Maggie: "Apparently your new ballistics tech is, er... in your daughter's words... tasty."
Garret: "I'll make a not to fire him. So what's the problem Maggie?"
Maggie: "Does there have to be a problem?"
Garret: "For you to step foot in this place, absolutely."


Jordan: "We started the autopsy on Combs; some of its kinda hinky. I was hoping you might be able to explain what happened."
Eddie: "You know I can't talk to you, Jordan."
Jordan: "Off the record."
Eddie: "You're the ME. You are the record."


Trey: "Listen, you've known Nigel longer than I have. Is he...?"
Bug: "What?"
Trey: "You know!"
Bug: "Oh... you know I have no idea."
Trey: "So he's never come onto you?"
Bug: "Well, there was that one time he asked me to marry him, but I’m pretty sure that was just business. Why do you care?"
Trey: "I don’t have a problem with it. It’s just, the ski weekend, the talk... he slapped my ass."
Bug: "Well, maybe you were a naughty boy!"
Trey: "Seriously, nothing good can come of this!"
Bug: "You know that’s a very limited world view. Now if you were a root stalk bora weevil homosexuality would be a very positive area to explore!"
Trey: "I don't even want to know!"
Bug: "The females they get it together all the time; it improves their reproductive success."
Trey: "That's great, Bug, but what has it got to do with me?"
Bug: "The beetles, they like to watch; it puts them into such an erotic frenzy they can't help but join in!"
Trey: "But that's two girls; two girls is a whole different thing!"
Bug: "Yeah..."


Maggie: "You're the death expert. Is there such thing as justifiable homicide of a seventeen-year-old?"
Garret: "I say the smart money's on Abby taking us both out first."