Born to Run
Macy's teenage daughter comes to town.

Episode Name:

Born to Run




David Lindeof


Allan Arkush

Broadcast Date:

October 15, 2001

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Jordan finds herself knee deep in strippers and Russian gangsters, when she responds to a suspected murder-suicide at a local gentleman's club. Unconvinced by the police theory of a distraught jealous lover, Jordan enlists the help of her eager colleagues Trey and Bug to reveal more with a detailed investigation of the Russian mob-run club. Her suspicions are confirmed by the arrival of FBI Agent Annie Larrabee, but it isn't until Jordan role-plays with Max that she truly peels away the deceptions surrounding the double homicide. She must also deal with the appearance of an old flame named Tyler, who insists on following her to work. Meanwhile, Garret must deal with a school scandal involving his daughter, Abby.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Agent Annie Larrabee - Judith Scott
  • Tyler - Ed Quinn
  • Waitress - Vilma Andico
  • Bobby Grayson - Brian Cousins
  • Omar Maltese - Barry Shabaka Henley
  • Dale - Gabriel McPherson
  • Foreman - Ilya Morelle
  • Chip - Casey McFeron
  • Agent - Allan F. Smith
  • Victor - Alexander Kuznetsov


Jordan: "He must have loved her. Shoot someone once; you want them dead. Four times... that’s love."
Detective: "You always were a romantic, Cavanaugh."


Tyler: "I just want some closure."
Jordan: "You just want some closure?"
Tyler: "Please."
Jordan: "Here you go." (slams door in face)


Garret: "You know. Despite my objection to you sleeping in the morgue, at least you were on time for work."
Jordan: "Sorry, my alarm broke."
Garret: "Really? Don't tell me. Your dog ate it, right?"
Jordan: "Do you want me to come back when you're less grumpy?"


Jordan: "Garret Macy, are you actually telling me to keep crusading?"
Garret: "As if you would ever do what I tell you to do."


Trey: "Late night?"
Jordan: "Visit from the ghost of relationships past. Sleep was not forthcoming."
Trey: "I'm not asking."
Jordan: "And I'm not telling."


Jordan: "Bug, you're not gonna do something gross, are you?"
Bug: "Yes."
Jordan: "Awesome."


Jordan: (to Trey and Bug)"Hey, if you're not doing anything for lunch I'm going to a strip club."


Jordan: "How did you get in here?"
Tyler: "I told the lady up front I was here to identify the body of my girlfriend. (Looks Jordan up and down) You’re her alright."


Bug: "Was that your boyfriend?"
Jordan: "No, he's just, uh, you know... some guy."
Nigel: "We heard you yelling. Great sex, huh?"
Jordan: "He has a hearing problem."


Waitress: "Drink?"
Jordan: "Beer."
Waitress: "Two drink minimum."
Jordan: "Two beers."