Digger, Part II
Jordan trapped by The Digger.

Episode Name:

Digger, Part II




Diane Ademu-John


Allan Arkush

Broadcast Date:

November 26, 2001

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Jordan finds herself buried deep in the manhunt for the serial killer known as Digger, while forming a more personal connection with relentless FBI criminal profiler Drew Haley. Meanwhile, Garret adjusts to the pressures and responsibilities of his new position. Also, the stage is set for the wedding of Nigel and Lily as they try to outsmart the INS.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • FBI Gal - Erica Yoder
  • 10-year-old Jordan - Shailene Woodley
  • Power Co. Rep - Ken Magee
  • Waiter - Amy Zarzana
  • Carl - J.D. Hall
  • Adam Flynn - Shawn Christian
  • Drew Haley - Chris Noth
  • Daniel - Richard Steinmetz
  • Jennine Gallow - Barbara Tarbuck


Jordan: "You’d think after all this time together you might know the slightest thing about me."
Haley: "All right, I'm sorry."
Jordan: "Thank you."
Haley: "I will tell you one thing about you."
Jordan: "Oh, bring it on G-man."
Haley: "You're cranky when you haven't slept."


Haley: "You should let me take you home."
Jordan: "You should stop treating me like a tag-along."
Haley: "Hey, easy tough guy. I'm just sayin' you need some sleep."
Jordan: "When was the last time you slept?"
Haley: "Point taken."


Bug: "I’m just sayin’, I can’t believe he chose you over me."
Trey: "Not only am I the best man, I’m the best man to be the best man."
Bug: "I was almost the bride; I think that gives me the inside track."
Trey: "Flower girl is still open."


Haley: "That was a very interesting tactic you used tonight, telling him about his real mother. Stupid, but interesting."
Jordan: "I was improvising. I was buried alive. Might want to cut me some slack."
Haley: "I wish... I wish that hadn’t happened to you.."
Jordan: "Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry I, uh, thought you were a killer."
Haley: "Oh that, don’t worry about that, that happens to me all the time."