Doctor Sydney Trumaine


Sydney Trumaine






Boston, Massachusetts


Medical Exeminer

Portrayed By

Eugene Byrd

First Appearance

After Dark

Last Appearance

There's No Place Like Home II

Sydney Trumaine Joined the morgue crew in 2004 (season 4, after Peter mysteriously disappeared). He and Devan clashed when they first met. She insisted on calling him ‘New Guy’, which he didn’t like one bit. Sydney and Bug also have issues. Bug acts very authoritative around Sydney and treats him with less respect than he deserved. Sydney doesn’t sit back and take it lightly. He made his thoughts known, which caused a little tension between them in the morgue. Sydney has a bit of an attitude on him. He’s gotten into arguments with the other members of the morgue and he’s even deliberately gone behind Garret’s case when he was unhappy about Garret overruling his ruling on cause of death. Sydney is a middle child he has and older brother and younger sister. Sydney makes one appearance in Season 5 in There's No Place Like Home 2. In Thin Ice Nigel makes a reference to him and Peter 'filling in' for him and Bug. So we can assume they are still on the payroll.