Emily Cavanaugh
Emily & james


Emily Cavanaugh


Crazy woman




Boston, Massachusetts



Known Relatives

Max Cavanaugh (Husband), Jordan Cavanaugh (Daughter), James Horton (Son)†

Portrayed by

Stephanie Bradley

First Appearance

Secrets & Lies: Part 1

Last Appearance

Ockham's Razor

Emily Cavanaugh came from a very well to do Bostonian family. When she married Max Cavanaugh (a lowly police officer in the eyes of her family) she took a step down in life. Her lifestyle changed drastically.

Medical History: Spent a brief time in a mental hospital when Jordan was five years-old (Secrets and Lies). Emily was not mentally sound. Max did his best to deal with her, but he had a hard time. Jordan remembers Emily’s mood swings but she never understood what was wrong with her mother until she was older. Jordan battled the fear that she would turn out to be like her mother. Dr. Stiles helped her overcome this fear and realize she wasn’t like her mother.

Emily’s Death: Died September 18, 1979. The day before Emily was murdered James (age 16 at the time) came to visit her. She gives him a gun (which he later used to kill Carl Jeffers, Malden’s partner at the time). Emily warned James that she was in danger (and that he was too). James’s print was found at the scene of Emily’s murder. It was referred to as the ‘Phantom Print’ because no one could match it. There was no record of it in any data base. The print was later identified (by Jordan 20 years later) as James’s. As to who killed Emily it’s still unknown, though it’s speculated that Malden or Jeffers killed her to keep Malden’s secret about having an affair and a child with Emily.