John Douglas Pollack


John Douglas Pollack






Boston, Massachusatts


Freelance Reporter

Portrayed By

Charles Mesure

First Appearance

Judgement Day

Last Appearance


John Douglas Pollack (J.D.) is a reporter through and through. He has a curious nature and goes after the story despite who it might affect. When JD first came aboard, he worked for the Boston Monitor, a gossip magazine/newspaper. He was fired from the Boston Monitor (Judgement Day), which he claims was Jordan's fault. Soon after, he published an article with Flank Online Magazine, and continued to work as a freelance reporter. He’s from Australia originally. JD is very arrogant, stubborn, and sure of himself. He doesn't play by the rules; he'll do what he must to get a story. JD doesn't take life (or himself) to seriously--he enjoys it...doesn't worry about what may come. JD showed interested in Jordan from the moment they first met. He, however, sensed the territorial issues with Jordan and Woody, and was careful to not step on toes until he received the okay from Woody to pursue Jordan. From that point on, JD seemed to take pleasure in ‘word battles’ with Woody, which always left Jordan in the middle of them. Jordan and JD eventually hook up (Enlightenment), and seem to be a happy couple, relaxed around each other. His need for the story got in-between them a few times., and started to caused some strain to their relationship (Road Kill), and continued to be an issue (A Man in Blue), especially when JD accused Woody of planting evidence in an article he wrote. JD gets tossed in jail for refusing to reveal information about a source (Code of Ethics). He has it out with Jordan in jail accusing her of sabotaging their relationship. He had been planning on asking her to marry him. (He showed Nigel the ring in Loves Me Not). Jordan and JD eventually break up at the end of this episode. JD moves on to Washington DC. However he returns to Boston in Don't Leave Me This Way after he received a call from Jordan in the previous episode (Mace vs. Scalpel). While JD returns to see Jordan, he also has ulterior always a story is driving his actions. JD sneaks into the morgue and steal Jordan's access card taking pictures of some old autopsy cases. He then leaves the memory card, where he stored the files, on Jordan's key chain. Early in the episode (Don't Leave Me This Way) JD is murdered. It's made to look like Jordan killed him. However the clues he's left Jordan helps her figure out what he was working on. Jordan works on solving the case/proving the story JD was working on, to justify JD's death. JD died on May 7th 2006. JD stands for John Douglas (Code of Ethics).