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Maximillian Max Cavanaugh

Max Cavanaugh



Maximillian Cavanaugh






Boston, Massachusetts


Former: Cop, Bar Owner

Known Relatives

Unnamed Sister
Emily Cavanaugh (wife)†
Jordan Cavanaugh (daughter)
James Horton (stepson; unknown status)

Portrayed by

Ken Howard

First Appearance


Last Appearance

It Happened One Night

Maximillian "Max" Cavanaugh is a disgraced cop who now runs a local tavern—a life long dream of his (seasons 1, 2, and 3). He was forced into early retirement by the police force for taking the law into his own hands.

His wife was murdered when Jordan was only ten years old. Max raised Jordan alone. Max is still searching for answers about his wife’s murder along with Jordan. He always gave the impression that he knew more than he let on. After James (supposedly) died Max gave up on his search and begged Jordan to do the same before he left.

He’s only hooked up with one woman since his wife’s death and that didn’t last long (Jordan was part of the cause behind Evelyn leaving). He ended the second season going on the run, suspected of killing another cop. Though he was cleared of wrongdoing he’s left Boston. He left his bar to Jordan who finally sold it—she didn’t know what else to do with it.

Max has never had an ‘easy’ relationship with Jordan. They’re both strong willed people. Max kept a lot of stuff to himself while Jordan wanted to know what it was. They always (however unintentionally) push each other’s buttons. In the season four episode, It Happened One Night, they seem to come to a truce.