Doctor Nigel Townsend


Nigel Townsend






Boston, Massachusetts


Medical Exeminer

Known Relatives

Mr. Townsend (Father)

Portrayed by

Steve Valentine

First Appearance


Last Appearance


Nigel Townsend a wise-cracking British criminologist with an ambiguous personal life. He claimed to like girls, and had a girlfriend, yet there was some speculation that he might be bisexual. Often known for his dry humor and knowledge of everything from coffee to textiles. Nigel had run away from the Royal Navy, in which he had served as a counter-intelligence officer. Nigel is sometimes thought to have feelings for Jordan, because of willingness to do whatever she asks despite the possibility of his losing his job as consequence. He was also not on speaking terms with his father, who still lives in England, until some time before the episode "Murder in the Rue Morgue," in which he mentioned to Jordan he was glad he and his father are back in touch and he regrets having had no contact with him for so long. Dr. Townsend's relations with his father continue to be very rocky, however. In one episode early into the series it was mentioned that he had a tattoo of Betty Boop on his left buttock, but this was never later confirmed or denied. He is known for his technical savvy, and his use of the computer often leads to important clues.

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