Other People

Ken Howard played Maximillian "Max" Cavanaugh

Stephanie Bradley played Emily Cavanaugh

Lois Nettleton played Evelyn 

Wallace Shawn played Doctor Howard Stiles

Michael Terry Weiss played James Horton

Alex McKenna played Abby Macy

Lindsay Frost played Maggie Macy

Charles Mesure played J.D. Pollack

Jeffrey Donovan played William Ivers

Jack Laufer played Herman Redding

Brian Kimmet played Oliver Titleman

Charles "Charlie" O'Connell played Calvin Coolidge "Cal" Hoyt

Lesley Ann Warren played Arlene Lebowski

Brad William Henke played Andy Lebowski

Josh Duhamel played Danny McCoy

Vanessa Marcil played Samantha Jane "Sam" Marquez

Molly Sims played Delinda Deline

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  • Howard StilesGo to Dr. Howard Stiles
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  • MaggieGo to Maggie
  • J.D. PollackGo to J.D. Pollack
  • William IversGo to William Ivers
  • Herman ReddingGo to Herman Redding
  • Oliver TitlemanGo to Oliver Titleman
  • Calvin Coolidge Cal HoytGo to Calvin Coolidge "Cal" Hoyt
  • Arlene LebowskiGo to Arlene Lebowski
  • Andy LebowskiGo to Andy Lebowski
  • Danny McCoyGo to Danny McCoy
  • Samantha Jane MarguezGo to Samantha Jane Marquez
  • Delinda Deline