District Attorney Renee Walcott


Renee Walcott


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Boston, Massachusetts


District Attorney

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Unidentified Child

Portrayed by

Susan Gibney

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Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Renee Walcott is a hard-nosed District Attorney for Boston, Massachusetts. She’s stubborn, hard headed, forceful, and out for justice. She’s been known to occasionally bend a rule or leave out facts to make her cases stronger, yet she gets furious (not an understatement) when the coroner’s crew doesn’t follow her instructions, or offers their further assistance on cases—when she doesn’t want help. She and Jordan don’t get along (though they are very similar when it comes to getting justice—they both actively seek it). Renee hooked up with Garret in season 2 and subsequently broke it off again at the end of season 2 (Pandora’s Trunk) but they were together in season 3. She and Garret have always had an odd relationship. They push each others buttons, constantly driving each other to the limit. Renee tries to get him to take her side, but usually he’ll stick up for his crew (usually because they’re right). Renee is bothered by how Garret deals with Jordan. She thinks he lets her get away with murder—or close to it. She’s accused him on more than one occasion of letting Jordan walk all over him. Renee is a third generation lawyer (her grandfather and father were both lawyers). She was married to a man named Eddie, but is now divorced. She and her husband tried to have children, but couldn’t conceive which eventually led to the downfall of their marriage.Renee showed up in 2004 (the fourth season) pregnant with her ex’s baby, (I question if it’s really his, especially since she and her husband couldn’t seem to conceive when they were married.) That really put a stop to their (Renee and Garret) already ‘almost over’ relationship. Garret still cares for her though. And sparks still fly when they’re in the same room.