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Season 2[]

Episode Number Episode Name Description
1 There's No Place Like Home Jordan and Woody are 3000 miles from Boston on the trail of the man that may hold the answer to Jordan's questions about her mothers' death. Dr. Macy is struggling with the disappearance of Jordan and trying to solve a case of his own.
2 Bombs Away When the wife of a former ATF agent is found dead the husband's grief is overwhelming. He will take drastic measures and put everyone in the morgue in danger…will they defuse the situation before it is too late?
3 The Truth Is Out There Jordan and Nigel are making a trip to the local Total-Mart, and end up with a dead door greeter. When someone tries to steal the body the case takes an unusual turn.
4 Payback After a high class party girl dies in custody, Woody will face possible charges. Jordan must step up and defend Woody and try to help save his career. Elsewhere Lily is trying to help a little boy.
5 As If by Fate Jordan tries her hand at dating and is later called to the scene of her would-be suitor's apparent suicide. A near death experience leaves Nigel asking lots of questions. Dr. Macy sets out to help validate a recently departed jazz legends personal image.
6 One Twelve Jordan and the team are sent to lead the recovery effort at the site of an explosion. Amongst the rubble is a lone survivor and Jordan must keep him talking till help can get to him. The grim task of identifying the victims falls on Dr. Macy.
7 Scared Straight When the lover of a controversial lesbian talk show host is found dead, Jordan and Woody lead the investigation. Garret and Lily go head to head when a cancer patient dies.
8 Don't Look Back Jordan and Woody are off to California when the body of a Hollywood starlet is found in Boston. Elsewhere Dr. Macy and Lily both get visits at the morgue.
9 Prisoner Exchange Not willing to breach confidentiality Lily makes a sacrifice to keep a late night confession secret. Elsewhere Dr. Macy and D.A. Walcott are forced to work together to put a sexual predator behind bars…where he belongs.
10 Ockham's Razor When the wife of Dr. Macy's nemesis is found dead…he pushes forward for the truth. A photo lab is going out of business and calling old customers the Cavanaugh's are on the receiving end. What comes to light will push Max to face a truth he has tried to hide.
11 Family Ties A woman is shot in an apparent car jacking; Jordan and Elaine make an unlikely team investigating this one. When a baby is found clinging to life under the mother, her husband claims the child is not his.
12 Perfect Storm Boston is at the mercy of a blizzard and the morgue staff at the mercy of an unknown toxin. With bodies piling up, and the lights out, the race is on stop this invisible killer before too many more die.
13 Strangled The morgue staff gathers to attempt to try and solve a case from 1964. With each of the staff members assuming a role in the case, with Max leading the way. Will they be able to find a killer from so long ago?
14 Wild Card A witness for an up coming case is found murdered. Jordan is sure there is a dirty cop involved in the permanent silencing of this witness. Meanwhile Dr. Macy and Dr. Winslow head an investigation of their own.
15 John Doe When a John Doe comes into the morgue…Bug makes it a mission of his to find this mans identity. Dr. Macy sets out to try to prove murder or suicide when a cop turns up dead.
16 Conspiracy A mysterious death captures Jordan's attention. Meanwhile, Dr. Macy revisits his past with a current case involving a former friend.
17 Cruel & Unusual A local woman dies and forces Jordan to come face to face with an ex-lover. Dr. Macy and D.A. Walcott make a trip to investigate if an execution was cruel and unusual.
18 Fire and Ice A methamphetamine lab explodes and takes the life of a young girl. Jordan tried to help the grieving mother and manages to tick off the D.A. Elsewhere, Lily and Bug work a case together.
19 Dead Wives' Club A woman is kidnapped…thirteen years later her body washes up in Boston. Jordan is convinced the killer is the husband…but the evidence does not support her theory. Meanwhile, Dr. Winslow had to identify a body at the morgue.
20 Sunset Division Woody decides to take some time off and goes home to Wisconsin, while there the Sheriff, his mentor is killed. The trail leads him to Los Angeles where he crosses paths with a special LAPD unit.
21 Pandora's Trunk: Part 1 Three people are found dead and seem to have no connection to each other. Woody takes on the task of solving the triple homicide. Meanwhile, Jordan is back on the trail of her mothers killer when some new evidence surfaces.
22 Pandora's Trunk: Part 2 As it turns out, the ominous gift in the trunk of the car was an officer of the law named Carl Jeffers. Jordan calls in the Coroner's office and heads off Woody's questions about how she knew a body was present in the car. She is subsequently kicked off of the case by an irate Garret who tells her to stay away from the case and not to involve Bug or Nigel. She later tries to circumvent this rule by attempting to involve Peter in her search for the truth.

Woody feels some substantial pressure after being told by the dead officer's partner (now a big wig at the DA's office) Tom Malden that this case is a "make or break one." Jordan later taunts the man by telling him that her finding the body was like due to the fact that she "was just lucky." This was, perhaps, a delayed reaction to the fact that it was Malden who walked Jordan into Child Protective Services when her father was arrested on suspicion of committing murder. But trust, later Max tells Malden to stay away from his daughter and Malden tells Woody to keep an eye on the Cavanaugh's. When she heads to the bar to pump her father for information, he panics at the mention of Malden's name. He explains that Jeffries and Malden were two on the force who "had a reputation" for being a bit rough. As per usual at the mention of James, he pouts and runs off leaving Jordan at a loss for how to locate her half brother. Jordan rushes over to the ME's office to respond to Nigel's phone call. Nigel wonders morosely how Jordan continues to draw him into her web of "deceit and lies" as he looks at a fingerprint on the monitor. He laments that the entire office cares for Jordan, but there is a threshold of the amount of pain one can bear. Jordan stammers through an apology and Nigel outlines that the prints inside of the car match the "phantom print" from her mother's crime scene. She begs him to bury it, but he refuses until she confesses that the print belongs to her brother. And, oh snap, Garret is behind her. She presses Garret not to give the information to Renee who is in his office. Renee demands that he choose between Jordan and her and he refuses to play that game. Peter's indignant that Jordan didn't tell him that the gun belonged to her father, but oops, she didn't know herself. We also find out that Jeffers was also under investigation by Internal Affairs (we later find it is Malden who was under investigation). Renee does not fail as an annoying character as she calls Nigel in for questioning over the "fingerprint." When confronted by Garret, she makes clear that he "can screw her, but he can't screw with her." Woody follows Max to James' apartment. Interestingly though, James is not at home cause he is lying in wait at Jordan's with a gun. James outlines that he went to see their mother who said that things were crazy and that people were after her. She gave him Max's gun to protect himself. He also clarifies that that he didn't know Jeffers was a cop; he only knew that Jeffers was trying to kill him. It is clear that James' father sent Jeffers to kill him. We later find that Malden was the lead investigator on the case, he was the last person Jordan's mother spoke to, and that he was James' father. (And so does Jordan as she lurks in the shadow). She goes to talk to Malden over scotch that is poisoned, she tells him where James is. Also Renee walks in on Garret and Lily kissing to tell him that the DA's office is bringing in the Cavanaugh's in connection with the Jeffers death. Hoyt fins out that Malden is at Jordan's apartment and prints to the rescue, but he is too late, Max already killed him


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