Sight Unseen
Jordan and Max consult an old friend.

Episode Name:

Sight Unseen




Gary Glasberg


Dick Lowry

Broadcast Date:

November 12, 2001

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The autopsy of a schoolboy killed in a traffic accident leads Jordan to discover that the preteen actually died while being kidnapped along with his female classmate. Despite resistance from Evelyn, Max helps Jordan search for the missing girl by contacting some of his old cronies, such as a retired detective. Shes must also deal with the intrusion of the office psychiatrist Howard Stiles. Meanwhile, Trey and Bug engage in a battle of wits to impress a sexy anthropologist. Garret comes to terms with his feelings for Lily.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Dr. Trey Sanders - Mahershala Ali
  • FBI Agent - Ray Baker
  • Major - Ray Baker
  • Evelyn - Lois Nettleton
  • Steven Browning - Daniel Quinn
  • Gloria - Marlene Forte
  • Dr. Candace Mclntyre - Meta Golding
  • Barney Reynolds - Howard Hesseman
  • Dr. Howard Stiles - Wallace Shawn


Garret: "There are more important things to do around here than discuss my sex life."
Jordan: "Yeah, but they're not as much fun."


Stiles: "Did you know there were 18,000 cases of clinical depression in Boston last year? How depressing is that?"
Jordan: "Too bad I wasn't here. Could have made it 18,001."


Stiles: (to Jordan)"How about an end of the day martini? A little shrink and drink. What do you say?"


Jordan: "You got a minute?"
Max: "Yeah, what is it?"
Jordan: "A murder-kidnapping."
Max: "You want pie with that?"


Garret: "Happy as a clam."
Stiles: "You know, I’ve never understood that. Are clams happy?"


Max: "Hang on. I'm not ready (pulls out gun). Now I'm ready."
Jordan: "Evelyn know you're still packin' heat?"
Max: "Man's got to have some secrets, right?"


Jordan: "You know what's really amazing?"
Stiles: "My tie?"
Jordan: "Besides that. I got to do something today that I’ve never been able to do before. I told a kid's parents that their child is alive. How great is that?"
Stiles: "Not bad for a medical examiner."