Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Episode Name:

Wrong Place, Wrong Time




David Lindelof


Rick Rosenthal

Broadcast Date:

January 7, 2002

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After a security guard foils a bank robbery, leaving one of the thieves -- disguised as Bill Clinton -- dead, along with a bank customer, Jordan and Garret sort through the remains of the gun battle with the help of friendly Wisconsin native Detective Woody Hoyt to see who fired the fatal shots. The case strikes a personal note with Garrett, as the investigation points less towards a botched bank robbery and more to a contract killing of a wealthy wife by her biker husband. Meanwhile, Bug attempts to quickly sign out a senior citizen, who died with a smile on his face, much to the dismay of a suspicious Nigel.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Tyler - Ed Quinn
  • Penelope Zimmerman - K Callan
  • George Driscoll - Scott Allan Campbell
  • Ryan Wheeler - Mark Kiely
  • Delbert Zimmerman - John Towey
  • Mary Jo Zimmerman - Cynthia Lamontagne
  • Lawyer - Charles Janasz
  • Bartender - Brett Wagner


Woody: "Last question. Do you like this tie?"
Jordan: "No."
Woody: "Okay. I'm gonna get a new tie."


Woody: "You know what, let's just can all the detective and doctor stuff, alright? You can just call me Woody."


Woody: "The other robber was wearing a Bush mask; George senior, that is. Looks like Bill was the unlucky one."
Jordan: "Not Bill."
Woody: "Not Bill?"
(Jordan pulls mask off and they see it is a woman)
Jordan: "Hillary."


Jordan: "I mean, he just shows up with a bottle of wine. Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m ruggedly handsome, and I thought I’d just drop by on my way back to LA. Next thing I know, my pants are gone."


Woody: "You two have a good one now."
Jordan: "Right back at ya Woody." (whispering to Garret) "Whatever that guy is on, I want some."


Nigel: "Now this is just plain depressing. We’re finally gathered in a quorum without dead people and what do we have to say to one another. Where's the bonding... the love?"


Jordan: "Tyler's history. Guess I win."
Garret: "You don't look like you feel like a winner. Want to talk about it?"
Jordan: "Eh, not really. Even though you are my bestest girlfriend."
Garret: (laughs) "Thank you."